About Us

Aqueous is a team of nine high school students from New South Wales, Australia, representing our country in the 2021(22) F1 in Schools™ World Finals. We pride ourselves in our innovation, sustainability, commitment, perseverance, and teamwork. As a team, our aim is to not just succeed in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge™, but also help each other develop and hone skills that enhance both our career opportunities, and us as people.

"Dynamic solutions through innovation, adaptation, and collaboration."

Our Collaboration

Our team is split into two halves. One is based in the Blue Mountains, at Blue Mountains Grammar School in Wentworth Falls. The other is from Newington College, Stanmore, Sydney.

Originally, we all competed as two separate teams at the 2021 F1 in Schools™ Australian National Finals: PerPetrol and Aeolus Racing. We have been brought together to form a strong collaboration for the upcoming World Finals.

Our team collaboration reveal video.

National Finals

1st Place

Development Class

Best Engineering CAD

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National Finals

2nd Place

Development Class

Best Graphic Design
Best Team Marketing
Best Trade Display

Team Website

Meet The Team

Lukas Yee

Team Manager

Lukas plays a crucial role in managing the team throughout the project. Using his previous experience in Aeolus Racing as Team Manager, Lukas makes sure every task is completed efficiently and to a high standard.

Nick Hayes

Brand Coordinator

As Brand Coordinator, Nick is in charge of the aesthetic and image of Aqueous. Having competed in three previous teams and in the 2019 World Finals, he also guides and assists the other team members where necessary.

Preston Zhang

Resource Coordinator

Our Resource Manager, Preston, ensures that the team has all the funds, equipment, and materials that we require to stay on track, and complete tasks to a high quality.

Bill Klein

Manufacturing Engineer

Bill manages the task of constructing our final racecar. From previous experience in PerPetrol, Bill utilises a variety of processes, including 3D printing, CNC milling, and Computer Aided Manufacturing to create the final car.

Harry Board

Design Engineer

Harry manages the design of our racecar. He utilises his Computer Aided Design skills to create a 3D model of our car. He works closely with Charlie to create an effective design, and with Bill to produce the final car.

Charlie Burgess

Testing Engineer

Our Testing Engineer, Charlie, ensures that our car design is optimised for the race. He performs physical tests on prototypes, as well as utilising virtual testing through Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis.

Julian Bray

Affiliate Member

Max Amoyal

Affiliate Member